Dancing is a universal form of culture that can be used to bring people together by eliminating social barriers

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Short films

Here some videos of the recent shorts in collaboration with Laleget Danza…


“CORNERED” is a physical experience of two bodies encountering each other within a space and within…

The Coat

  My latest piece, a new duet created for Diego Vázquez and myself for Laleget Danza, was…

Pendiente en Bellas Artes

Laleget Danza

Since 2013 Faizah is a part of the Mexican Dance Company "Laleget Danza" under artistic direction…

Faizah and Maurice in rehearsal

Maurice Causey

Faizah has been working as a dancer with Maurice Causey since 2014 The first piece she danced by…

Blind Sight at Theater Bellevue


In April 2016 Faizah started dancing with GrossDanceCompany. She danced and toured Netherlands and…

Herman van Veen

Herman van Veen

Faizah played in 2011 in the show Alfred J Kwak - Vader. So she began her collaboration with Herman…

During Filming of Firebird

Symphonic Cinema

Symphonic Cinema produces drama films with live classical music. The films are edited live in…

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About Faizah

Faizah Grootens

Faizah’s professional experience includes working with several companies such as Laleget Danza, Nationale Opera en Ballet, Maurice Causey, Another Kind of Blue, GrossDanceCompany, Generale Oost, Harlekijn Danstheater by Herman van Veen, Jorge Pérez Martínez, Stichting Julius Leeft, Miguel Rubio and Anna Maria Suijkerbuijk.

She has created for Laleget Danza, Harlekijn Danstheater, Lindenberg Dance Company, Stichting Julius Leeft and her own theatre productions.

Faizah has worked as a dance teacher at Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten teaching Contemporary Dance, Ballet and as a coach for Artictic Practices. She has also taught the Arts and Entertainment College Amsterdam, various schools in the Netherlands and at the University of the Arts in Havana, Cuba and Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Next to dancing, choreographing and teaching and dancing in films from Symphonic Cinema, which are touring concert halls around the world; Faizah has also served as a repetitor for GrossDanceCompany and Laleget Danza .

Faizah is a graduate from Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and Instituto Superior de  Arte, Cuba.

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