My latest piece, a new duet created for Diego Vázquez and myself for Laleget Danza. We presented this duet in Soest at Herman van Veen Arts Center as an Artist in Residency project and in Amsterdam. The duet received very positive feedback and reactions. We are planning on presenting this internationally.

Choreography: Faizah Grootens in collaboration with Diego Vázquez

Music: Camerata Romeu and Alberto Iglesias

Light and Costume Design: Diego Vázquez

A coat as a metaphor of comfort, strength and support turns into a main character alongside the two dancers. A coat that becomes a person itself for all that it might represent. An object that is related to protection or a natural shield organically related to identity. But, what’s identity nowadays? The coat talks about all these matters, in addition to those that are undoubtedly relevant to us such as androgyny, longing to belong (to someone or something) and destiny. The intense platonic relation between the dancers exposes the need for safety and a place to hide in.